Establishing a Positive Learning Environment

30th August | General |

If you’re already familiar with the PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version), you’ll be aware that each year the programme starts with fostering a positive classroom climate. Children need a physically safe and emotionally secure environment in which to explore and grow. Here are our top 5 ideas for promoting a positive learning environment:

1. Establish classroom rules for positive behaviour - rules can help promote this safe environment by fostering prosocial behaviour and providing a predictable routine. TOP TIP: Make sure you frame your rules in a positive manner.
2. Set up a daily ‘Pupil of the Day’ - through the positive words and encouragement from peers, adults and themselves, children can develop positive self-esteem and self-confidence - and provide a much more positive classroom culture where every child is complimented regularly. TOP TIP: Don’t wait for a child to be POTD to share a compliment - compliment achievements as they happen!
3. Build positive relationships with pupils and parents - greet children by name daily, remember important things about them and chat to them about these hobbies / interests regularly. TOP TIP: Build similar relationships with parents!
4. Prioritise Social Emotional Learning (SEL) - set aside adequate time in your timetable for teaching the PATHS® Programme. TOP TIP: Don’t forget to embed PATHS® Programme concepts into other areas of the curriculum
5. Find time for YOU - don’t forget to look after yourself and practise self-care. Why not try to compliment yourself regularly, and add your name to the POTD jar. TOP TIP: SEL isn’t just for the children!

We hope you will be impressed with the powerful effect these approaches will have on group attachment, cohesion and cooperation!

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