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  • The demonstration lessons were excellent and allowed me to see them from a child’s point of view. Looking forward to becoming familiar with the lessons and implementing them.


  • A very enjoyable day – thank you


  • I couldn’t improve the course. Training day was excellent. Fantastic presentation

    Wales Pentre’r Graig School

  • This was an excellent, highly-enjoyable session! Thank you so much for a really pleasurable experience! An excellent programme, delivered in a relaxed, professional, inspirational manner

    Enniskillen Integrated

  • Well done – we were kept engaged. Course was very enjoyable. Great to have resources available in Irish. Very useful that the programme is so well laid out and follows on – gives teachers plenty to build on!

    West Training

  • I’m really excited to learn about PATHS® as I found all the information given interesting and look forward to see it in practice


  • Very enjoyable, hands on, active involvement. Pleasant, fun delivery with a serious underlying message

    Belfast Training

  • Brilliant day – excellent combination of information and humour

    Belfast Training

  • A good course; interactive and interesting. Have the materials available to look through on the training day

    Belfast Training

  • Excellent training. Very reassuring, motivating and engaging. Thank you!

    Belfast Training

  • A very enjoyable day, excellent programme, excellent delivery – very enjoyable. I have learned today… that I can change academic performance using this Programme… also made me question my own listening skills! Really interesting and well implemented day


  • I found the modelled lessons particularly useful to see how experienced PATHS teachers use the lesson script as a guide but are able to adapt their lessons to suit their style/the needs of the class/their own experiences.

  • “The Coaching support over the 4 years has made all the difference in how well embedded PATHS® has become in our school and in the staff's level of enthusiasm for PATHS®. Our two coaches have both been fantastic role models and cheerleaders for the delivery of PATHS® and a great emotional support to the staff.” (NI Principal)

  • I used the traffic light steps when I had an argument with my sister. They helped me to tell her how I was feeling and we sorted out the problem

    P5 Pupil St Anthony’s Primary

  • As a new school coming into the PATHS® programme I have found the support given by the Barnardo’s coaches to be encouraging, positive and warm. Their approach to staff who have been initially hesitant and concerned has been really supportive, while they have been very encouraging with those teachers who are more motivated by the programme! As the coordinator within my school I couldn't ask for better support.

    Jane Grant, Knockbreda Primary School, Belfast

  • PATHS® has equipped the children with the vocabulary and skills to recognise their own and each others feelings/emotions

    Natasha Tomlin, Grange Primary School, London

  • Redriff have seen a difference in the children that have now been experiencing the PATHS® curriculum for the past year and a half. Children are able to discuss their feelings with a lot more confidence and understanding. Within the playground children feel empowered to try to sort out minor issues with each other, rather than always seeking adult supervision. The children are also demonstrating using more mature vocabulary around feelings within other subjects such as literacy and guided reading sessions.

    Anna Sorton, PATHS® Coordinator and Year 4 teacher, Redriff Primary School, London

  • The children are more emotionally aware since the start of the programme.

    Kat Vallely, Reception teacher, St Alfege with St Peter’s Primary School, London

  • I like PATHS® Pupil of the Day because people give me nice compliments

    Melissa Year 5, St Alfege with St Peter’s Primary School, London

  • PATHS® has taught me that all feelings are OK but the way we react is sometimes not OK.

    Oyinade, Teacher, London

  • Training was very thorough and I was given really useful strategies. I refer back to the posters and use whole class strategies all the time in class.

    Aaron Jackson, Year 3 teacher, Vauxhall Primary School, London

  • PATHS® teaches us how to feel other people’s feelings and treat them the way you would like to be treated

    Sabrina, Year 3, Vauxhall Primary School, London

  • PATHS® is a time when we all gather around in a calm and safe place and talk about what happens to us and different feelings.

    Mariam, Year 4, Vauxhall Primary School, London

  • Control signals help you with your body language and help you to stay calm.

    Aicha, Year 4, Vauxhall Primary School, London

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