St Mary’s Church of England PS Richmond

16th June | |

In the spring of 2021, St. Mary’s applied for SEL Worldwide Model School Status. Schools are awarded this status for implementing SEL to the highest standard, not just within the classroom but at a whole-school level and even taking it further into families and the community. It is awarded to schools that recognise the importance of social and emotional wellbeing and foster these skills in their children. St. Mary’s is a prime example of this. Each classroom is equipped with the appropriate resources and displays and lessons from the programme are taught twice a week. There is evidence of linking the programme with other areas of the curriculum. All additional staff have received training in the programme through the Barnardo’s Coach, the parent sessions have been well-attended, and Barnardo’s Buddies has been set up. The Senior Leadership Team are very much involved and engaged with the programme and their enthusiasm for it is evident throughout the school.

The application process involved a lot of hard work. The In-School Coordinator and the Headteacher evidenced the school’s commitment and fidelity in their application. The video featured comments from the Head Teacher and Barnardo’s Coach and photos of the programme being implemented at school. The school’s commitment, dedication, and care for the social and emotional wellbeing of their children paid off and in July they received the news that their application was successful! This is a fantastic achievement for all at St Mary’s and one that they should be extremely proud of!

You can find out more about their SEL work by reading the full case-study.

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