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At The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version) we feel that all The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version) curriculum users deserve a high quality training to effectively implement The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version) curriculum.

The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version) training can be organised on-site at your school or agency, or at a centralised location if more than one school is being trained together. PATHS® training focuses on active learning so that one experiences and practices lessons and skills that will make your implementation both engaging and successful. The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version) implementation is most successful when there is strong principal, administrative and parent support. As a result it is important for principals and other support staff to attend trainings with their staff.

How long is The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version) training?

Workshop usually last 2 days and are limited to 30 participants. The training days are usually conducted in a sequence; first there is an introductory day prior to beginning implementation, followed by teacher use of beginning lessons and skills, and then a second day is held 8-12 weeks later.

For specific information on your training needs, contact the UK Master Trainer, Mairead Ewart

What does the training look like?

The training will address the evidence base for the programme as well as the main concepts and learning techniques within it. Training will be provided at either Year Group or Key Stage level. The training will cover:

  1. Introduction toThe PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version)
  2. What is SEL and why is it important?
  3. SEL and the underpinning logic
  4. The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version) evidence base
  5. Links to the curriculum
  6. Core programme concepts
  7. Programme examples, modelling and practical training
  8. Questions and Answers

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For more information on how your school can benefit from the PATHS® programme, training and coaching or to order a pack from us, get in touch.

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