Friendship Group

06th February | General, Events, Training |

The PATHS® Team were excited to be able to offer Friendship Group Training in January to 20 participants from across 16 schools in the Greater Belfast area. Suzanne Rickey, Friendship Group Trainer, delivered an interactive and enjoyable training event where participants were introduced to the therapeutic processes, had an opportunity for group sharing and learning with their new materials, and they even took part in a little acting! We were also delighted to welcome back Sandra Stewart from Penn State University to oversee Suzanne‚Äôs first training session.

The training was also an opportunity to launch our new Friendship Group materials and resources. We have worked tirelessly on these adapting them to an anglicised version for our UK market. For the first time ever, we were able to offer training and resources in both the Junior Programme (P1-P3) and Senior Programme (P4-P7).

We are looking forward to moving this project forward with our newly trained and enthusiastic Friendship Group Leaders in the coming months, to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children.

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